Spouse Spy Private Investigators Sydney

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Spouse Spy Private Investigators Sydney
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Spouse Spy’s Private Investigators in Sydney are the No.1 private investigation firm in the industry.

Since 2008 we have specialised in domestic investigations and have become one of Sydney’s leading investigation firms.

Over the past decade, we have built a team of more than 70 private investigators for the Sydney area and outer regions of New South Wales.

We are regarded as one of Sydney’s best private investigation firms and have investigated more than a thousand cases, therefore making us one of the most experienced in the industry.

You can trust our team to provide expert assistance on serious domestic and commercial issues.

Our Private Investigators Sydney team will provide a custom solution to you suit your needs.

We use the latest surveillance equipment to obtain the digital evidence you need to support your case.

Our specialists services include:

– Infidelity Investigations

– Covert Surveillance Operations

– Background Checks in Australia

– Locate and Search for People of Interest

– Child Custody Investigations

– Bug Sweep Detection

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