Bill Removalists Sydney

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Bill Removalists Sydney
Listing Overview

Bill Removalists Sydney was founded by Bill Chen in 2008, but not just to earn profit and make more and more money.

In 2008, Bill was working with a local removalist company in Sydney and was witness for a number of deformities and wrongs in the working of the company.

For example, the company was taking unnecessary extra money from the clients, some members of the company’s staff were creating problems not only for the company but also for the clients, and an efficient customer care service was totally absent.

Observing the atmosphere, a thought came to Bill’s mind that he could do much better if he were the owner of the company, by offering a fully transparent service to the clients with a friendly and trustworthy staff and no hidden fee structure; and thus, in 2008, Bill Removalists Sydney was formed with just one truck and only Bill as staff.
But the company grew fast due to its dependability and prompt and friendly service, and its operation expanded beyond Sydney suburbs to the surrounding cities like Canberra, Newcastle, Melbourne, Brisbane, Wollongong, Wagga Wagga, Gold Coast, Coffs Harbour, Albury, Sunshine Coast and more.

Today, Bill Removalists Sydney has a team of 12 strong, reliable and well-trained removalists, 4 permanent sturdy trucks which are in perfect condition always and other rental trucks always ready to serve clients.

Focused on Customer Benefit
Bill Removalists Sydney is focused on customer benefits and therefore they ensure that their staff members are extremely well-trained and treat every belonging of the customers with utmost care.
From the packers and movers to professional sales advisors in the company, everyone is focused on giving you a relaxed and smooth removal experience.

A Range of Services

We are pleased to offer a full range of services to our customers. These services include, but are not limited to:
• Professional removals in Sydney and interstate
• Expert pre-move cleaning services
• Packaging supplies for sale
• Expert packers to organise your belongings
• Storage Space for your belongings
• Container storage and transport across Australia

As you can see, we work hard to be a one-stop shop when it comes to your removals.

Bill Removalists Sydney can give you a smooth experience of moving across the city or across the state or across the country. You just have to request a quote which will quickly reach you and you can finish the deal and start moving almost within no time!

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